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Cooboard Balayage Board Duo Pack

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Cooboard has helped thousands of amateur and professional hairdressers around the world achieve top performance when working on hair colours with its simple yet innovative, and groundbreaking original hair colour and balayage board with teeth design.


Cooboard has helped thousands of hairdressers around the world achieve top performance with its simple yet innovative, and groundbreaking design.

It was originally created out of pure frustration of not being able to work clean and precise while coloring hair. While using a comb with the board might help a bit, the issue was that the comb almost never stays in place and flat against the scalp. Hence, the creation of the Cooboard – a comb attached to the board.

Duo pack for all hair types includes
Cooboard Standard – 4 in x 12 in (10 cm x 30 cm) for extra-long coverage when required. Works well to use on hair foils for highlights, teaselights, and foliage or to complement your hair bleaching kit.
Cooboard XL – 4 in x 16 in (10 cm x 40 cm) for extra-long coverage when required.

Expertly created to provide ease
This highlight board for hair colour is very easy to clean and designed with teeth to hold hair in place. This design allows you get closer to the root and saturate sections faster. The board’s underside also serves as a Balayage Board.

Durable and provides stability
No need tugging and pulling. Just place the section of hair you’re working on on the board and let the built-in teeth hold the strands in place, separating it easily from the rest of the hair. The strong base also provides easy colouring and bleaching of long hair.

Perfect addition to your hair dye brush and bowl set
Complete your hair dye kit and colouring supplies with just this one helpful professional addition. This can be used with any hair dye, fits standard hair foils, and is safe to use with hair bleach.

Care & Maintenance:

Use warm soapy water to clean.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 2 cm

4 x 12″ (10 cm x 30 cm)


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