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Sustainable innovation for salon professionals

Hair Collective
Collectively Conscious.


Our Story

Hair Collective is a premium collection of professional salon products, born from a collective desire to be more conscious about how we consume and source the products we work with.  

Founded exclusively for  professionals by salon professionals, Hair Collective was conceived in a year where new ideas were born of old frustrations.

As a brand we stand for the collective voice of hairdressers, for individuals who strive to do things differently and for the greater collective good. 

We live the live we love, and we love the life we live. Come and join our community. 

Join Hair Collective.


Our Values


We stand first and foremost for sustainability. Our products use natural, recycled and compostable materials wherever possible, with a significant percentage of our profits being donated into sustainability projects such as tree planting initiatives with Ecologi.


Hair Collective is a first mover, not a follower. Our products are innovative not only by design, features or style, but by the materials we carefully select and construct our products from.


Our products are led by a passion to improve existing use cases, with features that are designed to add value, improve on quality or enhance functionality.


Hair Collective is aimed exclusively at professional hair stylists and colourists. As a premium brand we work with top tier professionals to collectively channel the voice of an industry into improving the products we work with.

Proudly Supporting Ecologi

One Box = One Tree

Hair Collective proudly supports Ecologi, so with every purchase you make, we will donate to plant another tree in Ecologi’s quest to fight against the climate crisis. 


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